Our Services


Acr Advisory provides comprehensive consultancy services for its customers based on its experiences meeting needs of creditors and borrowers. Produces solutions for benefits of all parties due to service sense based on sound relations with market players.

Acr Advisory services provide important contributions to solve problems faced by Turkish financial and real sector organization.


Service to begin;

– Financial consultancy, management consultancy for financial and real sector,

* Reorganization,

* Project Managing and Evaluation,

* Strategical Planning and Application,

* Determination of Project Options and negotiating with Related Parties.

– Credit and debt restructuring,

ACR ADVISORY realizes domestic and foreign debt restructuring benefits of large-scale selective customers especially. We, as ACR ADVISORY, produce solutions balancing benefits of all related parties.

Acr Management having market experience for many years, had performed many important works in area of credit and debt restructuring and obtained many important results on benefit of all parties.

Credit and debt restructuring services covers following factors:

* Preparation of proposals for securing improvement of the borrower’s financial structure,

* Negotiation with the creditors and other financial entities,

* Preparation of restructuring contract and providing signatures of parties.


– Company Acquisitions and Disposals,

* Acquisitions: Identification of the strategically suitable target company, fixing the right value and preparation of the financial reports, securing finance and obtaining necessary official permits,

* Disposals: Analysis and valuation, preparations and executions of the presentations, identification of right buyer, conducting and finalizing negotiations.


– Joint Ventures,

* Economic feasibility study of the investment,

* Fixing the valuation distribution of the support to the joint venture,

* Financial planning for optimizing the structure of the joint venture,

* Advising on preparation of the joint venture agreement,

* preparation of the ‘due diligence’.